Music for a useless hand

by Adam_aux

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adam_aux / yparhei provlima amalia split cs (noise-below)

‘greetings from naupactus’ said the little cat amalia

‘give my regards to cervantes’ answered the octopus noise-below on that cloudy day of early jan 13.

a complete ‘burned’ out of boredom discussion followed w/ a host of ‘burned’ quotes ending whether cervantes could or not clap his hands after having his left hand incapacitated during the battle of naupactus in 1571. and that’s where the idea for a recording (actually live set initially) was thrown from the kitty. why not recording yourselves clapping your right hands on your left elbows then?

after nearly a few years of nothingness and a sudden enthusiasm for ‘clapping music’ aux teamed w/ adam_is for a session that was supposed to be just ‘clapping’ and in the ended in an improv set of found objects / rubbish, instruments that were lying on adam_is roof the day of the recording. might not be ‘clapping’ but is typical aux foustanella noise and adam_is’s weirdness.

to get on the flip side amalia’s ode to cervantes and trip memoir…

what else do you need?

limited to 30


released March 31, 2013




Adam_is Athens, Greece

Since 2006 he has been organizing DIY concerts as well as composing and performing under the name Adam_is. Between 2010-2013 he performed as the “Black Metal” persona PUTSUM. He has been performing also live as Skållhal, Zombie Penguin & the Glory Holes, The Cult of the Great Tentacle, Manic Strip Teachers, Idiot Stroszek and The Hipsters of Mercy. ... more

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