Embracing the Light

by Adam_is

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Recorded live at the port of Piraeus on the 6th January 2017 known in Greek tradition as the "feast of lights", "Epiphany" or "Theophany".
It is a recording of the ships at the port blowing their horns in a random way creating an improvisation of drones.
This custom is also "performed" during New Years Eve, where I first heard it in 2010 form a hill in the center of Athens as a faint drone coming from the sea. Since then I have been trying to record it every New Years Eve but without success as the air conditions were not the right ones and also the sound was covered by more fireworks every year.
After my last failed attempt in New Years Eve 2016 I learned that the ships do the same thing a few days later on the 6th of January to celebrate the epiphany of Jesus Christ. I managed to go there but was to late to record it from the beginning and also didn't have a good spot so I had to try again.
In those days I got involved with a dark triad person that tried to destroy my mental well being. Fortunately I managed to survive that and was able to go a year later to the port of Piraeus and record it under the right conditions, hence the title of the composition.

It was released in the RECOGNITION IS THE BEGINNING OF THE CURE compilation.



released March 1, 2017




Adam_is Athens, Greece

Since 2006 he has been organizing DIY concerts as well as composing and performing under the name Adam_is. Between 2010-2013 he performed as the “Black Metal” persona PUTSUM. He has been performing also live as Skållhal, Zombie Penguin & the Glory Holes, The Cult of the Great Tentacle, Manic Strip Teachers, Idiot Stroszek and The Hipsters of Mercy. ... more

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